This year, the COVID-19 pandemic left 1,350 local children living in vulnerable circumstances without access to preventative dental care.

Whitney Young Health (WYH) recognizes that dental care is critical to a child’s overall health and their future wellness. That is why their school-based program, Seal a Smile, has operated for years in the Capital District, reaching our most vulnerable students with the oral healthcare they need. Licensed hygienists and dental assistants visit students in their schools, ensuring they receive high quality dental cleanings, screenings, treatments and oral health education.

For years, Jaeger & Flynn Associates has been proud to support Whitney Young Health as they provide this service to our local students.

Then COVID-19 took our kids out of schools.

But we made a promise. And we mean to keep it. Jaeger & Flynn is partnering with Whitney Young Health to ensure these students receive the care they need and deserve.

Now, your donation goes twice as far! Jaeger & Flynn has pledged up to $10,000 in matching gift funds. That means your gift goes twice as far when you support WYH Children’s Dental Programs!

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