JFA is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Wildwood Programs’ 2021 Catalog of Giving.

Staff with masks holding boxes

Wildwood hosted their annual fundraising event virtually from April 16th-19th as a COVID-safe alternative to their Spring Gala. Funds raised will contribute to Wildwood’s programs, supporting over 3,000 individuals and families living with the challenges of complex learning disabilities, autism, and other developmental disabilities.

JFA has served Wildwood for many years, and we were proud to support them again for their second virtual fundraiser. Earlier in the week, Wildwood’s Executive Director, Lauren Roecker visited our Saratoga office with a delivery of charcuterie party packs to be enjoyed during the virtual event! The packs included treats from local farmers and vendors and were enjoyed by our staff.

You can view the 2021 Catalog of Giving and learn more about Wildwood’s life changing services here: https://www.wildwoodprograms.org/index.php/catalogofgiving