On February 3, 2020 LifePath (formerly Senior Services of Albany) along with their presenting sponsor CDPHP announced that JFA’s President and CEO Tom Flynn has won one of their prestigious Third Age Achievement Awards!

This is their 24th year honoring individuals in the Capital Region who have exemplified aging well, and who are making a significant impact to our community in their third age.  


The purpose of the award is to show that getting older does not mean having to slow down and it highlights the activities, achievements, and creativity of individuals who are in the third age of life (age 60 and over).  It is during this time that life can be full of opportunities to enrich our communities, pursue new dreams, and provide leadership.  Every year, LifePath honors five to ten individuals who excel in these endeavors.  We are very excited that Tom has been chosen to receive one of this year’s awards and that he is being recognized for his numerous contributions to the field of Business. 

Other areas of contribution that are recognized include: Arts & Culture, Education, Government, Health & Human Services, Law, Medicine, Philanthropy, Physical Fitness, and Volunteerism.

All award recipients will be attending the Third Age Achievement Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 1st at the Wolferts Roost Country Club, at which time they will be accepting their awards.

Please join us in congratulating Tom Flynn on all of his achievements and the impact he has made on our community!