At Jaeger & Flynn we know how confusing, challenging and time-consuming it can be to keep up with the growing number of state and federal laws and regulations that employers are subject to today.   To help with this burden, we provide access to a team of experienced HR professionals and various online resource subscriptions that help keep our clients up-to-date on all the legal happenings in the HR and benefits world.  Together we can also assist with the implementation of new benefits and HR-related regulations, helping you stay in compliance.   We connect you to the resources you need to make your life easier – all with just a click of a button.

Your HR Assistant

At Jaeger & Flynn, we know that staying up to date on the growing number of state and federal laws governing employers can be a time-consuming task. That doesn’t even include the time spent keeping a pulse on HR best practices. Regardless of whether your organization is small or large, JFA’s Your HR Assistant puts the tools you need at your fingertips. From interviewing and onboarding to discipline and termination, our web-based and call-center tools and services provide you with access to the resources needed to tackle the many HR challenges you face.

With “Your HR Assistant” you get the following suite of self-service resources:

  • JFA’s MyWave Elements Client Portal, our online platform which provides legislative briefs, employment policy templates, hot-topic HR articles, sample employee communications and compliance-related forms, as well as access to a community of more than 300,000 of your peers. In addition, to ease the burden of staying informed there is a weekly email that provides updates on changing laws that affect HR.
  • ThinkHR’s People Risk Management (PRM), an online and call center platform providing an extensive HR and compliance library, an online “living” employee handbook builder, and telephone and e-mail access to certified, senior HR advisors to provide guidance on HR and benefits compliance issues.

ZyWave’s MyWave Elements Portal

ZyWaveJFA provides all Your HR Assistant clients with access to ZyWave’s MyWave Elements portal. These comprehensive online resources were designed with your unique business needs in mind. They provide a host of tools, services and resources that help you to collaborate, minimize risks, promote wellness, prevent losses and stay in compliance. Within these platforms you will find interactive HR tools, such as a Job Description Builder, Benefits Notices Generator, Salary Benchmarking tool and an Employee Handbook Builder, to name a few.

Providing you these easy-to-use, online self-service tools are just one of the many innovative ways we support your business.


ThinkHROur Your HR Assistant package also includes ThinkHR’s People Risk Management (PRM) solution.  PRM provides our clients with valuable services including:

  • Comply: An extensive resource library including insightful guides, comprehensive checklists, and other resources to navigate HR, compliance, safety, and PRM issues.
  • Live Advisors: Certified, senior advisors to provide trustworthy guidance to prevent and resolve challenging people situations and compliance issues via phone and email.
  • Living Handbook: A federal- and state-level compliant handbook builder that allows the incorporation of unique company policies and delivers policy update alerts as regulations change.
  • Learn: A learning management system to provide courses on a variety of topics so you can adhere to compliance mandates, improve safety, foster professional development, and improve employee engagement.

We are committed to being knowledgeable and up-to-date on the industry’s best practices and regulatory requirements. Our priority is to provide our clients with best-in-class software, resources, and support services, taking pride in being their trusted HR & Benefits consultant.