Life moves fast. Technology is constantly evolving, and the administration of benefits and human resources functions continue to become more complex. It can seem overwhelming to keep up with it all. That’s where we come in with JFA’s Connect services.

JFA Connect provides a full spectrum of services including human resources consulting and compliance assistance; benefits and HCM technology advisement and hands on benefits administration platform assistance; in-house “Flex” plan administration (FSA, HRA, HSA plans); full COBRA administration; and communications and engagement services to help your employees understand and get the best use out of the valuable benefits package you provide. The investment we place in our teams and cutting-edge software leads to more streamlined and simplified processes for you! We want to reduce your workload and your worry. We can help you not only keep your head above water today, but also steer you into the benefit administration and technology world of tomorrow.

Here is how we Connect you!

HR Consulting and Compliance (HRC&C)

JFA provides our Your HR Assistant package clients with access to a team of experienced HR professionals who can help keep you stay up to date on all the complex, ever-changing State and Federal HR and benefits regulatory compliance changes.  Our team researches, studies, interprets and translates all the complicated legal jargon so we can keep you informed of the developments in terms that mean something to you. In addition, this team is comprised of experienced HR professionals who can assist you with any HR issue you face, from the small to complex. You do not have to do it alone – we can help ease the burden.

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Technology Support

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to up-and-coming technology software, services and solutions.

Our Technology Support team is dedicated to understanding your technology needs, now and into the future. Whether you are looking to increase the connection you have with your people or utilize best-in-class online HR and Benefits Administration software, your JFA Connect Technology Support team works with you to create a customized online platform that fits your needs. We will help create a modernized online experience for open enrollment and ongoing benefits administration and will provide the user training you need to understand and feel comfortable with your selected software. In addition, automated and self-service features save your HR team time and allows them to concentrate on core responsibilities that elevate the employee experience and help the business grow and succeed.

We offer best-in-class benefit administration platforms with payroll integration capabilities. These solutions provide individualized online benefits management with self-service electronic enrollment and records management, allowing you to handle various human resources and benefits tasks without tying up your HR team’s time. Using JFA’s benefits administration platforms makes it easier to attract and retain talent by offering an extensive benefits package without increasing your benefit administration workload. In addition, unlike many others, with JFA there is no outsourcing. JFA is in control of your data, branding, and most importantly your customer service. As a partner, we own the overall business and technical relationship with our clients, and as your point-of-contact you can expect quicker response and turnaround times versus having to submit service requests.

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Third Party Administrator Services

The way we pay for health care is changing. With more and more High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) being implemented each year the use of health care spending and savings plans is growing. JFA administers FSAs, HRAs and HSA accounts – all in-house. Our Flex team is your trusted partner for everything from providing plan information and enrollment materials to reimbursement processing. Although our team is here to take care of you and your employees, we want to empower your employees to manage their accounts with WEX Health – the easy-to-navigate, cloud-based system for administering reimbursements. WEX Health provides 24/7 access to account information and works in conjunction with our JFA VISA debit “smartcard”, making it easy to pay for and keep track of health and dependent care expenses.

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Employee Education and Engagement

In today’s world, where the workforce is comprised of five generations, the most ever at one point in time, and the channels of communication are becoming more diverse, employee benefit education and engagement has become essential. The expectations for helping to connect employees, each with their unique needs, to their benefits in a meaningful and understandable way falls to HR. Given our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the benefit plans and products offered, JFA is ready and equipped to support your communication, education and engagement efforts. Through our online benefit administration platforms, as well as other communication mediums such as videos, guides, meetings, and online tools such as ALEX®, we can help educate, drive awareness and ensure your employees understand their benefit options. We want to help empower your employees to make educated decisions and feel comfortable knowing they’ve made the right choices, and we want to help take some of the weight off you!

JFA Connect is here to keep your gears in motion! We work cohesively and with a leading-edge approach that helps to bring your employee’s experience to new heights!